A garden hose is among the attachments you can fix on your pressure washer to achieve maximum cleaning experience at home. However, if you want to get the best out of your garden hose, you must ensure it is in a stable condition and Kink-Proof so that it can splash water at a higher pressure. This is because when the water pressure is low in the garden hose, you will struggle to clean, and you will end up using plenty of water and wasting a lot of time. Besides, a stable garden hose splashes water to extreme ends, making it possible for you to pressure washer higher paces at your home. One good thing is that you can easily increase the water pressure in your garden hose at home, as explained below.

Increasing water Pressure in your Garden Hose.

  • Check any possible leakages

One of the factors contributing to low water pressure in the garden hose is the leaks. If your hose has some holes, the water will not flow straightly and under high pressure. That is why it is crucial to examine any possible cracks before using them.

  • Check the spigot and nozzle connection

Your hose must be firmly connected to the ends. If it is loosely fixed, you are likely to witness low pressure that will frustrate your cleaning moments with a pressure washer. So, ensure every section that requires linking with your hose is firm enough to withhold the pressure.

  • Check for kinks/twists on your hose.

Sometimes, the garden hose can kink due to extreme temperatures depending on the materials used. For example, if the hose is twisted, the water cannot flow freely and under the required pressure. So, check for such kinks and rectify them to regain extreme pressure.

  • Check for any debris or blockages in the hose.

If your garden hose is clogged with dirt, it will affect water flow. The dirt blocks the waterway, making water flow at very low pressure. By cleaning the hose with recommended detergents such as vinegar or bleach, you can avoid such issues. Also, make it a routine of cleaning the garden hose after every use. Another strategy is ensuring you thoroughly clean your hose at least once every year.

  • Check your water supply source.

Sometimes, you can examine your garden hose in every aspect and realize it is in a perfect state. In such instances, if the water pressure is still low, check your source of water supply. The chances are the water is coming from the source is of low pressure. When this happens, you can increase the water pressure by connecting a ? water pressure gauge into the nozzle of the water supply, then twist the nozzle to increase the pressure.


A fully-operating garden hose is a perfect way to unlock extreme cleaning at your home. However, while cleaning using a pressure washer, you need to understand the basics of increasing the pressure in your hose if you experience some difficulties. Make this article your point of reference when experiencing low-pressure issues while cleaning.

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