The television experience has never gotten so much better with the aid of TV boxes than it is now. With this amazing gadget, you could easily stream TV programs, services, and games just by plugging it into your TV. It is the perfect alternative for smart TVs as it can stream the same programs as smart TVs and even install even more apps than smart TVs can retain. TV boxes are also cheaper and can connect to the internet.

It is important to note that there are different kinds of TV boxes, and you can only enjoy the numerous benefits of TV boxes when you purchase a Tv box with the right features. As we continue in this article, we will be looking at some of the basic features every good TV box must-have.

Basic Features

  • Storage Space: This is an essential feature to look out for when getting your TV box. The storage space of a TV box is what keeps the system operating. Of course, one of the many reasons people prefer TV boxes is their ability to store many apps. However, there are still some TV boxes that have storage as low as 8GB. Therefore, when looking to buy a TV box, you should probably go for one with at least 32GB of internal storage and have space for inserting an SD card.
  • Good Processor: A TV box is only enjoyable when it runs smoothly, and for this to happen, you have to look at both the processing power and the RAM. You should only consider TV boxes with a 2.0 GHz quad-core CPU at the very least.
  • Availability of Ports: You should go for a TV box with HDMI and USB ports; you should purchase a TV box with at least 2 HDMI and 3USB ports.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Many people can enjoy their TV boxes because they can also watch videos sent from their phone or any Bluetooth supporting device to the box. So, it’s recommended that you check if the TV box you’re getting has Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Good Display: The display quality of a TV box is very important when you seek to have an enjoyable TV experience. You should buy TV boxes that enable the streaming of high-quality videos, like the unblock tv that supports 6k movies.
  • Updated Operating System: There are many exciting apps and programs in TV boxes that only work with the latest Android version. So, it is advisable to consider TV boxes with Android versions above Android 8.
  • Wi-Fi Connection: TV boxes should come with the Wi-Fi connection feature for cases where you need to connect your device to the internet to stream videos.


From the few features mentioned, it’s no doubt that you can easily convert any kind of TV to a smart TV with the aid of good TV boxes. There are different kinds of TV boxes with other functions depending on the one you want; however, it is important to know about the basic features required to enjoy your TV experience.

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